Release Notes

Version 1.5.1

Fixed a problem where copying registration info from a web browser could occasionally also contain a hidden 'mailto:' tag.

Version 1.5

Changes to the registration dialog to help prevent typos that occur when users are entering their license info.

Version 1.4

Adds the ability to print more images on larger paper sizes. 

Can now select more than one item at a time which gives the ability to print or delete multiple items at once. 

Preferences added to optionally turn off the above items.

New menu item for editing a photo which was previously only available through a toolbar button.

Registration dialog text fields now have contextual menus for pasting registration info into text fields.

Version 1.3

Improvements to the way exported images are saved. The proper resolution is embedded within the jpeg and the appropriate size to print the image is also displayed. Other minor changes such as updating the copyright date to 2009.

Version 1.2

Adds the ability to access official documentation on photo requirements such as hats, photo background and facial expression. Also includes minor cosmetic improvements.

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